Produced by Alf Brooks

'On Air' is a live recording sesison for an enseble comprised of custom made instruments, mezzo soprano & tenor voice and electronics. The ensemble perform 3 different pieces. The recordings will be subsequently released as an EP.

Featuring: Joe Summers, Marie Gailey, Dylan Kerr, Forrest Moody

Poster by: Mel keane

The performance takes place at Mophine Raum, Berlin.


Galway Residency (2021)

I was lucky enough to join long time friend and collaborator Clíona Ní Laoi on two residencies. We made a lot of music, sounds, photos and videos, in an attempt to capture and process as much of the surrounding environments as possible. All the work was the begging of a much longer Journey for Clíona, who will be using the material going forwards to develop more concrete manifestations of these ideas.

Thankyou to Sirius Arts Center and Interface residency.

COVIDNOTES (2020) Video by Finnegan Travers, audio by Alf Brooks 

This collection of audio-visual works is the result of Finnegan Travers archiving the voice notes and phone calls privately received over a 4-month period from March to June of the year 2020. The audio files were then collaged into sound pieces by Alf Brooks. Over the following summer, Finn Travers filmed material and edited it together with the sound pieces.

Although there was a perceived collective experience, it is clear that people’s experience of the coronavirus pandemic varied greatly depending on economic stability, personal health and entrenched racial inequality, amongst many other factors. These collections of videos are by no means an attempt at portraying any kind of universal experience. The voice notes that make up the contents of these pieces are a small cross section of friends and family of the artists.

Nonetheless, the pieces serve as a crystallisation of emotions and feelings that were felt of a time that caused a huge rupture to the established order. In their existence, these pieces serve as a window on a time that is loaded with potential, meaning and motivation for change.


Live Recordings (Album, live performance)

Recorded 2019-2020 during rehearsals and live performances in Germany and Italy.
released May 1, 2020

Elisabetta Porcinai - Voice
Emanuele Porcinai - Guitar
Alf Brooks - Bass and Electronics

Mixed and Mastered by Emanuele Porcinai
Artwork by Mote Studio

I wake up in the morning and I cry (2020) 9:47min

Written and performed by Baptist Goth, produced by alf brooks.

"Dylan came close to taking their own life, but Baptist Goth saved whatever parts of Dylan were still living and became a new entity.

Polish hate speech laws protect religious statues, but not living, queer people. Baptist Goth is the creation of a queer sainthood in Catholic Poland, imagining a world in which our religious idols are queer idols, and we prayed to queer saints."

Listen here

Now There's Time (The Tooth is in the Box) (2020) 13.20 min

Direction and edit : Finnegan Travers

Music and Sound design : Alf Brooks


Shattered (2019-20) 45 min

Written by Carla Mattioli and Alf Brooks. Performed by Carla Mattioli (voice) and Alf Brooks (electronics)

Taking our form from William Borrough's and other beatnicks method of cutting and pasting with text, we decided to cut and paste with score.

Carla Mattioli is a practicing proffesional Opera singer, so we used her supply of sheet music as source material. The result was this graphic score, which both Carla and I used for reference during the performance.

The Performance was live in Berlin, 2019.


Performance with Baptist Goth @ Stray Signals (2019) 1.5hr

Performed by Baptist Goth and bonyface at West Germany in Berlin.

For me, this performance was similar in form to that of the performance with Carla Mattioli. This was to beome the start of a process which is currently ongoing, in which I am experimenting in the different roles that operating the sound in the room can be contextualised.

These live recordings were released and can be heard here.

Things Go Wrong Very Slowly Until They Go Very Wrong Very Fast (2017) 15min

Directed and edited by Robert Sieg. Music and sound design by Alf Brooks.

A film about the slow nature of social collapse and the fragmentation of identity in the age of supply chains. 

For those interested in watching the film or organizing a screening, please contact [email protected]

Humans of Late Capitalism (2017) 6min

Directed and edited by Robert Sieg. Music and sound design by Alf Brooks.

An accidental project about individuality and imagination.